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09.Он же
Brenik brenik
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Whoever this dog walker is

Whoever takes advantage of a heat wave like this

Whoever this little girl that doesn't trust monkeys is

Whoever did these hairstyles


Whoever just had their ice cream stolen by a bird

Whoever's grocery cart looks like this

Whoever this skateboarding professor is

Whoever this kid getting eaten by a camel is

Whoever baby Kim Jong-Il is

Whoever just hit this milestone

Whoever gave these out to trick-or-treaters

Whoever dressed up as Hall & Oates

Whoever these basset hounds belong to

Whoever is holding this fat cat

Whoever is bench pressing a goose

Whoever lives here

Whoever looks like Cartman

Whoever threw this birthday party for their dog
Whoever snuck this into a game

...and can do this

Whoever threw this tennis ball at this dog's crotch

Whoever's wedding party this is

Whoever pushed this pug down this slide

Whoever photobombed all these concert pictures

Whoever this ripped person is

Whoever Lindsay is

Whoever had to film this

Whoever let their grandma take this picture

Whoever this luchador riding a motorcycle while riot police fire tear gas at him is

Whoever is riding this scooter

Whoever's desktop this is

Whoever had to sit in that seat

Whoever this very adventurous kid is

Whoever put this on the news

Whoever this poor guy is

Whoever this sports fan is

Whoever fell asleep like this in class

Whoever planned this "Same Height Party"

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promo brenik december 31, 2016 23:09 60
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Здорово! Самые лучшие фотки получаются, когда люди не ждут и не догадываются, что их снимают...

Привет. Когда не ждут такое можно снять :)

Смеялась до слёз.Спасибо за позетив.