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09.Он же
Brenik brenik
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Отжимайся толстый...
Mind if I rest here? An adult bulldog leans on a puppy in this adorable photograph

Embrace: The two dogs kiss and make up to show there are no hard feelings

Rude or thirsty? A Jack Russell Terrier looks into the camera while sticking its tongue outwhile sticking his tongue out

A boxer dog stares at a little chick
A Jersey retreiver puppy poses

Adorable: Two gorgeous puppies show how cute they can be, one with its paw around the otherinto the camera

Mixed emotions: These three pictures appear to show dogs contemplating, left, singing, centre, and dreaming, right and dreaming.
Slobber: Geez the Boston Terrier was photographer Lennette Newell's favourite model

A dancing dog
A chocolate Labrador catching a treat
Happy: An Afghan hound looks delighted as it stretches out while being photographedg photographed

A dog poses on a skate board
A big dog running


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Они прелесть!)

ага, можно любоваться :)

ой. мне вот такого на скейте))
абажаю барбосов))

он ещё и в очках :)