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Армагеддон Владимир Манюхина

This image from Russian artist Vladimir Manyuhin's Life after the Apocalypse is reminiscent of scenes from the 2007 film I am Legend

By night: The same scene of a deserted city - minus some lions - with the sun slowly setting in the background

Underground: Manyuhin has transformed a picture of a tube line in to a scene of destruction

Manyuhin has added the odd human survivor to his pieces - but they are few and far between

End of the world as we know it: Decay and sprawling overgrowth have been added to the photographs to create eerie scenes of a post-apocalyptic Earth

Armageddon: With its struggling human survivors making their way through a burnt out world, this scene could be straight out of the 2009 film adaptation of the post-apocalyptic book The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Final fantasy: The imaginings of life after an apocalypse are strangely beautiful

Still sitting: The 1920 statue of former American President, Abraham Lincoln, in a collapsing Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

Contrasting: Manyuhin has transformed this landscape in to swamps and marshland in sharp contrast to other burnt out scenes

Power out: Defunct electricity cables have come down while the platforms slowly erode

Survivors: Two lone walkers make their way home in a cold and harsh post-apocalyptic world

In a land far, far away: Some of Manyuhin's photo manipulations look like imaginary worlds

Кто-то должен в вас верить до конца. Кому-то должно быть до вас хоть какое-то дело. Вы должны представлять для кого-то важность. А иначе жизнь — просто совершение бессмысленных движений.

Джон Макдональд. Ты живёшь один раз

Man's best friend: But even in Manyuhin's desolate world, one survivor still has his pet dog to keep him company, just like Will Smith's character Robert Neville in the movie I am Legend

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