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Странный ритуал в Болгарии - раскручивать собаку на верёвке.

Интересно. А вчём смысл данной традиции?
Bizarre tradition: An annual ritual that involves spinning dogs on a rope above a river in rural Bulgaria to ward off rabies was last weekend thwarted by animal rights activists six years after it was banned

В течение нескольких сотен лет местные жители в отдаленном городе Бродилово на юго-востоке Болгарии выполняют ежегодный Весенний ритуал.  Собаку скручивают веревкой над рекой. Затем собака раскручивается и падает в воду.

Cruel: The pagan tradition was banned by law in 2006, but still carried out

The tradition involves twisting a piece or rope until it is as taut as can be and then threading a dog through a noose at its end....

... the local residents then let the animal go and it spins out of control until it tumbles into the water below...

... the terrified dogs reach such high speeds that by the time they land in the river some are unable to swim

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