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Террор в метро

Лондонская полиция продолжает поиск сумасшедшего который толкнул девушку на рельсы в метро.
Dangerous: The man, in a fit of rage, violently shoves the woman onto the northbound Northern Line track

Инцидент произошёл 16 сентября, приблизительно в 23:20 на  Северной Линии на Лестер-Сквер Лондонского метро. Жертвой маньяка стала 23 летняя женщины. Маньяк обменялся парой слов с жертвой и столкнул её с платформы.
Её успели вытянуть до появления поезда. Женщина получила тяжёлую травму головы и была доставлена в больницу.
Маньяк скрылся.

Tipping point: The vicious and dangerous attack was allegedly sparked by a 'trivial' row about the man's hat
Dangerous: The man, in a fit of rage, violently shoves the woman onto the northbound Northern Line track
The attacker risked his victim's life in two ways: She could have been electrocuted by the track's live middle wire, or she could have been hit by an oncoming train
Do you know this man
Do you know this man? British Transport Police are keen to trace the suspect
The girl is comforted seconds after the incident: The BBC were filming in the station at the time of the attack
Treatment: The woman is removed by paramedics following the attack

As the victim rolls onto the track, her friend grabs the attacker in a headlock in a bid to stop him escaping
Passengers start rushing to the woman's aid as she calls for help from the track

A scuffle breaks out as another Tube worker joins the scene
The woman stands up and prepares to get off the track - if a train had been coming this could have been a fatal incident

Samaritans: The woman is lifted off the Leicester Square train lines. She has a large gash on her side which witnesses initially believe is a stab wound
Trains were cancelled for the rest of the evening as the Northbound platform became a crime-scene

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