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09.Он же
Brenik brenik
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Лица спортсменов на соревнованиях...
В спорте часто происходят комических ситуаций.  Лица спортсменов в критические моменты приобретают такие черты, что Голливуд  как говорится «отдыхает».
Вот подборка из 50 забавных лиц спортсменов на соревнованиях.
Сопровождение к фото идёт на английском.  Прошу прощение у тех, кто не знает английский. У меня сейчас нет времени на перевод. Надеюсь, Вас порадуют сами фотографии...

50. Say Cheese - Uncertain whether to be excited or petrified, the impending victim seems destined for a nightmare.

49. Relieving the Pain - Don't push too hard.

48. Yearning for the Spotlight - Despite being notorious for his controversial reactions, Andy Roddick still manages to surprise us with yet another arrogant response.

47. David vs. Goliath - Yao Ming's face may be synonymous with disturbing and baffling, but his opponent has intrigued fans with his own unique way of defending a 7'6" mammoth.

46. Shaq Attack - As if his 7'1" frame wasn't intimidating enough, Shaquille O'Neal's facial expressions reek of a fearless nature.

45. There's Waldo - As we give one shout out to a bewildered fan, we'll wish we hadn't.

44. Tongue Twister - This kick to the head may actually tighten several screws.

43. Diaper Dandy -As this diver immediately regrets signing up for the Olympics, he remembers feeling the same way after stepping on a roller coaster.

42. Switching the Call - This referee seems to be thinking twice about his career choice.

41. Barking Up the Wrong Tree - This may be the patented face of the annoying yet legendary Charles Barkley, but it still makes us cringe.

40. Reaching Stardom - We'll have what he's having.

39. Picture Perfect - He may not be a ferocious superstar, but Drew Gooden always makes it look good.

38. Icing on the Cake - Competitive dancing never ceases to engage the camera.

37. Head Hunting - Searching for his next victim.

36. Dilated Pupils - Brian McCann always keeps his eyes on the ball.

35. Invincible - Consistently passionate.

34. Facing the Crowd - Jeremy Roenick was always one with the glass.

33. A Game of Inches - At least he won't need to kick himself afterward.

32. Sphere of Hope - Giving a tennis ball the curious eye might actually work.

31. Eye of the Tiger - Whatever look he intended failed mightily.

30. Shockingly Loyal - Second baseman Rickie Weeks sacrificed more than an at-bat.

29. Target Practice - With so much energy exerted on every return, she can't possibly focus on the cameras.

28. Disguising His Excitement - Jay Cutler may look like this on a routine basis, but not usually when his Bears score a touchdown.

27. Tough as Nails - The bottoms of football piles have been known to get a bit feisty.

26. The Crying Game - English footballer Phil Jones exudes inspirational leadership.

25. Defining a Career - Just in case you needed any other reason to despise former N.C. State star quarterback Philip Rivers.

24. Up Close and Personal - Robinho never shies from the spotlight.

23. A Promising Future - While he did have a phenomenal 2011 in winning three majors, Novak Djokovic seems a bit too happy with hitting this ball.

22. Hidden Feelings - Peter Crouch is seemingly jealous of Cristiano Ronaldo's endless list of conquests.

21. Passing the Time - This game was clearly lacking in excitement.

20. Making a Memory - This performance puts DeSean Jackson's celebrations to shame.

19. Phenomenon - Perhaps making faces at the ball can hinder its intended path.

18. Fearless Dedication - Shoulder shrugging and baffling looks aside, Eli Manning always makes us simultaneously happy and sympathetic.

17. The Key Ingredient - As focused divers continue to flood this list, it becomes clear that humor is the key to swimming prowess.

16. Relentless Determination - As he attempts a stare-down with the tennis ball, it becomes obvious that his career is dwindling.

15. Caught in the Moment - As his team passionately backs him up, he leads his troops to battle.

14. Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Channing Frye doesn't seem comfortable, either with the gargantuan defender clinging on to him or with the two interfering fingers up his nose.

13. Earning Respect - Perhaps a ping-pong ball can be intimidated.

12. A Pipe Dream - Tyler Hansbrough attempts to be inspirational.

11. Throwing Gas - His flatulence seemingly increases with every curveball.

10. Unable to Focus - Speechless.

9. The Art of Determination - He earned more points for visuals than for form.

8. A Second Childhood - Once known for their acting with regard to flops, soccer players continue to teach fans about their whining prowess.

7. Intimidation at Its Finest - Whether he's worried or overly confident is insignificant, considering that his opponents have likely left the track long before the start of the race.

6. Fading Away - As she falls towards a soft rectangle of foam, her life flashes before her eyes.

5. Breakfast of Champions - His determination is quite apparent.

4. Vying for the Top Spot - Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar had the numbing determination to become arguably the best ever.

3. Powerful Domination -This intimidation would reign supreme on the gridiron.

2. Jumping for Joy - Diving has yet to seem like a fun activity.

1. An Adaptation - Either the wind was treacherous that day, or Marcos Baghdatis morphs into an extraterrestrial being in between matches.

Источник: bleacherreport.com

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