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Учебные заведения похожие на Хогвартс

1. Cathedral of Learning — University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2. Doak Campbell Stadium — Florida State University, Florida

3. All Souls College — Oxford University, United Kingdom

4. Annenberg Hall — Harvard University, Massachusetts

5. Grey Towers Castle — Arcadia University, Pennsylvania

6. Sterling Memorial Library — Yale University, Connecticut

7. St Salvator’s Quad — University of St Andrews, Scotland

8. St John’s College — University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

9. Suzzallo Library — University of Washington, Washington

10. Thompson Memorial Library — Vassar College, New York

11. Rosenwald Hall — University of Chicago, Illinois

12. Duke University Chapel — Duke University, North Carolina

13. Castle Crypt — Durham University, England

14. Ho Plaza and Sage Hall — Cornell University, New York

15. Bexley Hall — Kenyon College, Ohio

16. Victoria Building — University of Liverpool, England

17. Paul Barret Library—Rhodes College, Tennessee

18. Main Entrance — Chestnut Hill College, Pennsylvania

19. Brown Hall — University of Washington in St. Louis, Missouri

20. Basilica of the Sacred Heart — University of Notre Dame, Indiana

21. M. Carey Thomas Library — Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania

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