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Утро в разных странах.

1. Alaska

Image by Dagny Willis / Getty Images

2. New York, New York

New York, New York
Image by / Getty Images

3. Zabul, Afghanistan

Zabul, Afghanistan

4. Giza, Egypt

Giza, Egypt
Image by Travelpix Ltd / Getty Images

5. Agra, India

Agra, India
Image by Grant Faint/Getty Images

6. Yucca Valley, California

Yucca Valley, California
Image by Bill Wight CA / Getty Images

7. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey
Image by Travelpix Ltd/Getty Images

8. Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky
Image by Jamie Squire/Staff / Getty Images

9. Beijing, China

Beijing, China
Image by Ilya Terentyev / Getty Images

10. Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece
Image by par Etienne Cazin / Getty Images

11. Antarctica

Image by Danita Delimont / Getty Images

12. Lhasa, China

Lhasa, China
Image by coolbiere photograph / Getty Images

13. Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan
Image by Vincent Ting / Getty Images

14. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy
Image by peter zelei / Getty Images

15. Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada
Image by Ric Rowan/ Ascent Xmedia GmbH / Getty Images

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