Brenik (brenik) wrote,

Очень необычные подарки

1. This sleeping bag with legs.

This sleeping bag with legs.

2. Whatever this onesie is.

Whatever this onesie is.

3. This fab cat sweater.

This fab cat sweater.

4. And this matching couch.

And this matching couch.

5. This boyfriend pillow.

This boyfriend pillow.

6. This tent that is also a jacket.

This tent that is also a jacket.

7. This hat.

This hat.

8. These bulge-inducing jorts.

These bulge-inducing jorts.

9. This subway nap stand.

This subway nap stand.

10. These scarves.

These scarves.

11. This roomy two-person blanket.

This roomy two-person blanket.

12. This iPhone case.

This iPhone case.

13. This cat toy.

This cat toy.

14. This privacy hoodie.

This privacy hoodie.

15. And these.

And these.

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Tags: Интересные предметы
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