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09.Он же
Brenik brenik
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Кейт Миддлтон 2012

She got to pet a large dog.
She got to wear a traditional Polynesian hat that made her look a little bit Amish.
She got to rappel in a Malaysian jungle.
She got to dance wearing a grass skirt.
38 Fun Things Kate Middleton Got To Do In 2012

She got pregnant.
She got to pass gas in public.

She got to RSVP "no thanks" to all sister Pippa's book-launch parties.
She got to make lewd jokes about coconuts.
She got to wear big hats.
She got to wear small hats.
She got to ride in ceremonial carriages.
And more carriages, because taxis are gauche.

She got to look at a big paper dragon, which is nice.
She got to practice her royal wave.
She got to play hockey with Team Great Britain.
And she got to play hockey in heels too.

She got bangs.
She got to catch a train with the queen.
She got to watch a student fashion show — and didn't laugh.
She got to sample the food at fancy London food store Fortnum & Mason.

She got to do the wave (lots).

She got to be adorably enthusiastic at the Olympics.
And adorably outraged at the Olympics.

And adorably worried at the Olympics.
And even more adorably worried at the Olympics.
And then she got adorably enthusiastic at the Paralympics too.
She got to go canoeing, without needing to do any of the work.

She got to go to hospital with acute morning sickness.
She got to spoil some commoners' chess game.
She got to wear a very modest headscarf.
She got to ogle potentially naked footballers in a Jacuzzi.
She got people to carry her.
She got to wear frameless hipster-glasses safety goggles.

She got to drink water instead of wine.

She got to play Ping-Pong (badly).
She got to poke a child with a stick.
She got to ride in a ski lift.
And finally, um, well, she got naked.

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(Удалённый комментарий)
Я вот все время думаю.. откуда у них эта безумная страсть к странным шляпкам..и еще..как они их крепят??????????

там целая школа

Вітаємо! Ваш запис потрапив у Рейтинг топ-25 популярних записів України!
За бажанням детальніше про рейтинги ви можете прочитати у розділі довідки.

Спасибо за красивый пост!Тяжёлая это работа-принцессой быть!

Ну да, фейсом вроде даже вышла :)

красивая пара. пусть у них все будет хорошо

приятная леди)